Join us for a JOY Group!

VISION:  In JOY the ultimate goal is to bond with Jesus in a new/deeper way than before, through regular bible study and examination of the Word of God.  As a leader or member you can share your unique experience with Jesus, so others can relate and grow in their walk with God.  It is also an opportunity for your fellow group members to feel open to share their own thoughts, struggles and perspective.  With JOY GROUPS, Calvary Way hopes to further our mission to LOVE EACH OTHER TO LIFE.  


George & Meredith Hand “Seasoned Servants” (for older adults)

101 Jamestown Drive, Prague—5:30pm—Contact: 405-306-5812

Nick & Amber Freeze (Family Life Focus

1502 Meadowbrook, Prague—5:30pm—Contact:  405-567-7951

Jarvis Annis “Joy Filled Singles”

409 Clifton Street, Prague—5:30pm—Contact:  405-615-5543

Shawn & Kara Broyles (High School Students)

2716 8th Street, Prague—5:30pm—Contact: 405-567-7884

Frank & Sabrina Jordan (Young Adults)

1213 Babek Street, Prague—5:30pm—Contact: 405-567-7223

Pastor Starland Jr. & April Davis (8th Grade and Younger)

Calvary Way Gym—5:30pm—Contact:  405-566-9327




The pursuit of Jesus is the only reason JOY is different from just hanging out with with your friends.  In these groups, you have the chance to relate through God's Word.  As the bible says in Matthew, where two or three are gathered in the name of Jesus there he is in the midst.  This is a time to lift each other up with a encouraging word and prayer.  Ultimately to find a deeper relationship with God than you ever though you could.


We passively encounter others everyday in life.  With JOY this is a time to be intentional with others.  As a leader or member of a group, it is your responsibility to give people room to open up.  The ultimate goal is not to debate but share how this particular subject or scripture impacts you.  These bible studies equip people to understand how faith impacts their struggles, all the while challenging them to be who God has called them to be.


You are an essential piece to JOY.  It's important to allow God to speak to you in these JOY group discussions.  We've been talking about others a lot but ultimately YOU are an OTHER as well who needs Jesus as much as your neighbor.  So, make sure you are getting into the Word finding your place in the discussion and getting deeper into the Word with your peers.  Without YOU there is no JOY.